Full nudity in Keep You Close video?

Next wednesday (September 7th) auditions for the Keep You Close-video will be held in London. A casting call on Starnow tells us a bit more about the concept behind the video:

┬áThe music video ‘Keep You Close’ follows the idea of love being represented universally, the desire to be close to something or someone, the feeling of being part of something bigger.

It will be shot mainly in with macro lenses, intercut with time lapse images, often in slow motion. Set in a forest, the video starts with macros of animals and the general environment that are unrecognizable, this will also include human macro of skin, eyes and hair.

There will be two human characters who are intimately moving together, again most of which will be shot on macro to be revealed at the end of the video in a mid shot, where we will see the couple entwined together. Shot in tasteful and non-vulgar manner. This will also be cut with wider shots of to reveal the animals and forest environment.

Both roles will require full nudity for the final shot, but low nude-shade underwear could be worn. All the macro shot can be shot partly clothed.

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