Tom and Mauro interviewed in Villa Vanthilt

dEUS - Keep You Close (2011)

Last thursday, Tom and Mauro were interviewed during Villa Vanthilt, a talkshow on Flemish tv. They talk about the new album, the video for Constant Now and the upcoming Belpop-special.

  • The cover of Keep You Close shows two enthemologists (people studying bugs). Tom saw the photo in a newspaper. They contacted the photographer and he first thought they were making a joke.
  • In the video of Constant Now the band will dress up like enthemologists
  • In a couple of weeks Canvas will broadcast a Belpop-documentary about dEUS. A small snippet that was show during Villa Vanthilt revealed that Tom really wanted a bandname with a link to God. One of the names they considered was The Godmothers.

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