The Magic Of New Popmusic

Track info
  • The Magic of New Popmusic was recorded during the recording sessions of In a Bar, Under The Sea. It can only be found on two compilations.
Klaas Janszoons & Tom Barman
Tom Barman & Craig Ward

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I’ve got my hands in the SLIME!
But I’m wearing my mittens
I’ve got my feet in the mincer
wrapped up in a block of concrete
In a bottle of dream perfume
there’s a tiny solar system
Wonder if it’s and having it
if it’s multi-dimensional
With a drop on your finger
I watch this moment multiply
stick it under a black-light
Spill it on me will you rub?
It’s the magic of new pop music
Even I wasn’t so composed
There’s nothing I can do Sir
I’ve got my head in the sludge!
I think I wanna read some books by Arthur C. Clarke
Then tangle with somebody’s mistress in a car park
And talk about the stuff I read with her afterwards
and maybe change my mittens into soap opera gloves
It’s the magic
of new pop music
Everybody’s feeling horny
Your daddy’s in the ground |
There ain’t no-one around |
You don’t want nobody |
He’s got a little friend |
told to stick to where your coming from |2 times
(inaudible speech)
Thank you…