The Give Up Gene

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Tom Barman
  • Kobe Proesmans: percussion

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The lack of laughter’s contagious
It spreads the panic within
Only the fool is courageous
When he goes for a swim

I found the perfect companion
I let him talk for a while
And I will give him a hand
After he gave me a smile

I wanna talk to the captain
About libations and sex
I bet his loft is amazing
Twice as big as the next

He doesn’t dwell on the details
and he works in a suit
His soul is tied to the sea
his hands are hardened by wood

cause I am the river
I am the sea
Only the darkness
Is bigger than me
I sail the left
I sail to the right
The backwash of empire
Stays by my side

What language are you talking
When you say it’s murder out there
I’ll be the perfect companion
To translate your despair
You know nothing ever works here
An opportunity missed
And how steel will reply
When you hit it with your fist