Second Nature

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Get up in the morning
Day is a freight train
Carrier of sorrow
Pleasure and caffeine
Copy/paste, keep or waste
Myriads of options
(always choose the same flavour anyway)
Freedom is ours

Freedom is choice, choice
Choices that liberate
Day is a freight train
Minutes obliterate
Easier to break through
Meters of concrete
Easier to connect
To a full grown tiger

Sense of entitlement
You act like an accident
The world is your oyster
But it ain’t the season yet
Flirt with the absurd
It’s absurd to hurt
You know love can be curt
And eager and dangerous
Eager and flirtatious

Through the ages over perfect storms
Rain and snow
Hardship and danger zones
Excavated from the rocks of old
An ageless soul
Soldiered on, flesh and bones

And it’s our second nature
And it’s our time, your god dethroned
Flesh and bones
And danger zones

Did you get the warning
We’re still on the same train
Full of longing
Sugar and nicotine

What is here will disappear
When longing is gone
They say
“Freedom is near”

Freedom is choice, choice
Choices eliminate
Day is a freight train
Computers communicate
Easier to break through
Top of the pop-charts
Easier to connect to an electric wire

Never give in, it’s in our nature