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Tom Barman
Tom Barman
  • Tom Barman: guitar, vocals
  • Klaas Janzoons: violin, keyboards
  • Stéphane Misseghers: drums
  • Mauro Pawlowski: guitar, backing vocals
  • Alan Gevaert: bass

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Both sides of happy
Both sides of grief
Man, they’re staring at you
It’s beyond belief

Both sides you kick it
Both sides you hide
Both sides you’ll never see
However hard you try

Both sides of politics
Both sides of shame
Was it the good side of you
That took the blame
Both sides of secrecy
Both sides of spying
I’m hearing ten sides now
They’re multiplying

Both sides of trouble
And if that’s the price
Take your time to stand up
And get organized
Cause I been away
But I feel I’m back
You can find me at the mothership
I’ll be dressed in black

This ain’t no time now
To go pick a fight
To investigate both sides
We got all night

You got me all wound up now, kick it

Now it ain’t hard falling in love
With you baby

Get me all wound up
Your both sides are driving me crazy
Don’t let the pressure drop
Having my way makes me lazy