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Tom Barman

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Sophisticated underwear on a short vacation
as the bravest, nippiest, most elegant female woman
shouldn’t be, shouldn’t be
shouldn’t be, shouldn’t be, shouldn’t be
targeted at a two to eleven year old crowd of plastic like
easy going
easy gone
squeeze it into a song
too much credit for something that wrong
Budweiser blues (Budweiser)
Budweiser blues (Budweiser)

combining wildlife footage and Hollywood names
on the door of a Belgian toilet
that means 0.5 on your scale of shameful situations
and a square 7.6 on my scale of risky and extremely risky
How now plug it into a transrelational socket
too much credit?
I knew, I knew what I was doing, fuck it
Budweiser blues (Budweiser)
Budweiser blues (Budweiser)

More wrinkled than the entire Redgrave-family
she raped my talent for simulated ignorance
United in the night we lay