Must Have Been New

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“I was playing the piano and I asked our drummer Steph to give me a waltz rhythm,” says co-founder Klaas Janzoons of the song’s origins. “I instantly came up with the verse and chorus chords, Tom [Barman] added a middle eight and we had the core of the song. But in typical dEUS fashion, it took a whole lot of time and energy to get to the final result.”

Janzoons, Tom Barman, Alan Gevaert, Stephane Misseghers, Bruno De Groote
Tom Barman
  • Vocals: Tom Barman
  • Guitars: Tom Barman, Alan Gevaert, Bruno De Groote
  • Acoustic Guitar: Tom Barman
  • Bass: Alan Gevaert
  • Drums, Percussion: Stephane Misseghers
  • Violin, Organ, Piano, Synths: Klaas Janzoons
  • Backing Vocals: Stephane Misseghers, Alan Gevaert
  • Choir: Destiny Adia Andrews, Naomi Leanne Parchment, Kersha Bailey

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I came back from a firestorm
News from the deadzone
But I ripped up the info

I wore black like a widow
White noise in my headphones
Had a taste of some homegrown

I didn’t know
The tables could turn either side
I didn’t know
The dangers of red in that sky
It must have passed me by
I must have had been new

I got pushed in the wrong way
But I had a field day
I saw the villagers lead me
I was a hypnotized geek with just enough lean way
To grab my boots out the hallway

I didn’t know
That somehow the day was the night
I didn’t know
It was too close to see
I wasn’t sure
The shades of that red in the sky
I must have been new
I must have been so new

We covered up the tracks
There is no turning back
It is clear enough for anyone to see

The sounds of love breaking down
There are thousands around
But it was new to my ears
And I was new to those tears
Falling down