Jigsaw You

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  • “56 Falcon” refers to a street in Antwerp called Falconrui. #56 is where an ex-girlfriend of Tom’s lived.
  • Three versions of this song were released : the Worst Case Scenario one, plus a (fake) live piano version (not) recorded at the Oasis (which does not even exist) in Brussels that could be found on the Hotellounge single, and a (genuine) live & loud version recorded in Vienna that was released on the second Roses single.
Tom Barman & Stef Kamil Carlens
Tom Barman

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56 Falcon
Across the old laundry,
I tasted

Jigsaw you
How I hate to see this wasted

I’m thinking of a parallel
These lines won’t cut
But all it takes is finding some
Way to weld

Some way to weld