Crazy About You

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Tom Barman
  • Tim Vanhamel: vocals

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The sky doesn’t fall
The lightning doesn’t strike
Life goes on
Governments move to the right
This feeling ain’t wrong
So we must be doing something right
Me and you

Waves sweeping over
our castles made of sand
People getting found
getting turned into a brand
And we know where we are
but we don’t know where we stand
It ain’t nothing new
I’m crazy about you

Kids go deaf and quit drinking at seventeen
This phone is brand new
but it aches like an old machine
It looks like a fig
but it tastes like a tangerine
And red’s the new blue
I’m crazy about you

I can never get enough of the things that I don’t need
Cause I’m much too shallow
And baby you’re much too sweet
I’m like a four minute song
To your classical symphony
Isn’t it true

And that’s why I wrote you a melody so plain
You can sing along to
When all loves in vain
And it may not be much but it goes
A long way
In getting it through
I’m crazy about you