dEUS - Zea (1993)Tracklist

Jack & Johny-version

Nr. Song Length iTunes
1. Zea 05:38
2. Right As Rain 04:31
3. Great American Nude 05:43


Nr. Song Length iTunes
1. Zea Intro Replica 00:45
2. Zea 04:53
3. Right As Rain 04:31
4. Great American Nude 05:43


Label Catalogue number Release date Format Notes
Jack & Johnny CD654321 ??/??/1993 cd-single
Bang! / Great American Nude Records BANG! 20501 ??/??/1993 cd-single digipack


The Jack & Johnny-version is an extremely rare item. It’s dEUS’s very first CD, on the early incarnation of the Musickness label. In a slim plastic case. 1000 copies were printed. J&J’s only other release was A Beatband’s Jintro Travels The Word In A Skirt. On the Bang!-version Zea was uselessly cut in 2 tracks.