dEUS - Slow (2008)


Digital release / 1-track promo

Nr. Song Length iTunes
1. Slow 06:08

Belgian-version (double A-side) / 7″ inch picture disc / 2-track promo

Nr. Song Length iTunes
1. The Architect 03:59
2. Slow (radio edit) 04:34


Label Catalogue number Release date Format Notes
V2 Records 07/04/2008 digital
Universal Music Belgium 1765644 01/04/2008 cd-single double-a-side
V2 Records VVR5050774P 01/04/2008 cd-single 1-track promo
V2 Records VVR5050547 11/04/2008 7″ ¬†picture disc
V2 Records cd-single 2-track promo


Slow was the first single from Vantage Point outside Belgium. The song was first played on Feb. 29, 2008 on the 3voor12 website.