Nothing Really Ends

dEUS - Nothing Really Ends (2001)


Nr. Song Length iTunes
1. Nothing Really Ends (radio edit) 04:15
2. Nothing Really Ends 05:25
3. Nothing Really Ends(instrumental) 05:25


Label Catalogue number Release date Format Notes
Island Records 588 876-2 12/11/2001 cd-single
Universal Music Belgium 12/11/2001 cd-single promo
Universal Musica Espana DEUS#1 12/11/2001 cd-single  1-track promo
V2 Records ??/??/2005 cd-single  1-track promo


This single, which only contains one song, was released because Tom didn’t want to have people buying the singles collection while all they really want is to get hold of the new song : “At first we simply wanted to release a DVD, but since not everyone owns a DVD player, we accepted the idea of marketing that singles collection. But we demanded that the record company let us include a new song, which would also be available as a separate single. So people who already have all dEUS records don’t have to buy a full CD just because there’s a new track on it.”