dEUS - In a Bar, Under The Sea (1996)

In A Bar, Under The Sea

In A Bar, Under The Sea - dEUS

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In a Bar, Under the Sea is the second studio album by Belgian rock band Deus. The cover art was designed by guitarist Rudy Trouvé. The original Belgian release was by Bang!, with the only difference that track 14 is simply named “Roses”, like the single.

The album was produced by Eric Drew Feldman (who was keyboard and bass player for Captain Beefheart in the late seventies and early eighties) and welcomes guests such as Scott McCloud from Girls Against Boys (on Fell Off the Floor, Man), Dana Colley from Morphine (on Supermarketsong) and Bart Maris from X-Legged Sally (on Nine Threads).

In a Bar, Under the Sea reached Gold in Belgium (selling over 25,000 copies) and sold around 250,000 copies worldwide.


1I Don’t Mind Whatever Happens0:46Lyrics
2Fell Off The Floor, Man5:13Lyrics
3Opening Night1:38Lyrics
4Theme From Turnpike5:44Lyrics
5Little Arithmetics4:29Lyrics
6Gimme The Heat7:37Lyrics
8A Shocking Lack Thereof5:51Lyrics
10Memory of a Festival1:52Lyrics
11Guilty Pleasures4:22Lyrics
12Nine Threads3:33Lyrics
13Disappointed in The Sun6:03Lyrics
15Wake Me Up Before I Sleep2:53Lyrics
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1Little Arithmetics4:31Lyrics
2Memory of a Festival1:52Lyrics
4Gimme The Heat7:39Lyrics
5Disappointed In The Sun6:03Lyrics


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CDIsland Records524 296-20Album,Reissue
CDIsland Records524 296-20Album,Reissue
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CDIsland Records314-524 296-21996Album
CassetteIsland Recordsnone1996Promo,Sampler
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