DJ Tom Barman at Café Venetië (Borgerhout) on 28/03/15

This is a page about the DJ Tom Barman-gig at Café Venetië, Borgerhout on 28/03/15. If you have additional info about this show, feel free to contact me!.


DJ Tom Barman

Café Venetië 28/03/15
2140 Borgerhout

  • Artist: DJ Tom Barman
  • Date: Saturday March 28 2015
  • Venue: Café Venetië, Borgerhout (Belgium)


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Gig history

Past gigs at Café Venetië, Borgerhout

DJ Tom Barman

Date Venue City Country
28/03/15 Café Venetië DJ Tom Barman in Borgerhout, Antwerpen Belgium

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