Welcome to Hotellounge.be, a brand new fansite dedicated to dEUS. This site is the follow-up of Hotellounge.com, the fansite that was run by Jean-Yves for more than 10 years. Recently, Jean-Yves told me that he was looking for someone to take over his site, so I decided to go for it.  Jean-Yves did a great job and it would have been sad to see his work disappear.

Here’s a brief overview of all pages. Some pages are still under construction. I hope to have them ready for the release of Keep You Close.

  • Discography: all dEUS-albums and singles so far
  • Tourdates: an overview of dEUS-concerts in the past, including setlists, pictures and videos (where available). If you have live-pictures of dEUS you can even share them on the concertpage. Also includes dates for DJ Tom Barman, Magnus,…
  • Lyrics: lyrics of all dEUS-songs

If you have info, setlists, tourdates that are not listed here, please drop me a line, so I can add them.

Happy browsing!