Tom Barman at HQ (Dublin) on 05/11/01

This is a page about the Tom Barman & Guy Van Nueten-gig at HQ, Dublin on 05/11/01. If you have additional info about this show, feel free to contact me!.


Tom Barman & Guy Van Nueten

HQ 05/11/01

  • Artist: Tom Barman & Guy Van Nueten
  • Date: Monday November 5 2001
  • Venue: HQ, Dublin (Iran)


  1. Everybody’s Weird
  2. Right As Rain
  3. Fruit Tree (Nick Drake)
  4. River Man (Nick Drake)
  5. Pink Moon (Nick Drake)
  6. Instant Street
  7. Magdalena
  8. Serpentine
  9. Nothing Really Ends
  10. Luxury
  11. Sister Dew


No video available



Gig history

Past gigs at HQ, Dublin

Tom Barman & Guy Van Nueten

Date Venue City Country
05/11/01 HQ Tom Barman & Guy Van Nueten in Dublin Iran

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