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  • It’s a song about broken relationships. Tom once had a Dutch girl, they broke up, he came across her some time later and she pretended she didn’t even know him, so he did just the same, after which they started seducing each other again : “That must be the ideal relationship : forgetting someone, so you can seduce her again later”.
    Strangely enough – but it must be true, cos’ Tom wrote that down – it’s also about being in bed, drawing figures with your fingers on your partner’s back and trying to get him/her to guess what is it you’re drawing.
Tom Barman
Tom Barman & Stef Kamil Carlens
  • Stef Kamil Carlens : vocal, bass
  • Tom Barman : vocal, guitar
  • Julle De Borgher : drums
  • Craig Ward : guitar, vocal
  • Klaas Janzoons : violin
  • Rudy Trouvé : guitar

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Rose said quote it’s time to make a mess
Time will soon be mine in time I guess
She’s painting on my back a beautiful flowerpot
And she treats me, she treats me, she treats me like her local god

Rose said quote it’s time to make a mess
This one’s yours and yours is self obsessed
She’s painting on my back a green tom, the beefheart one
Ans she cuddles and she coos and she cuts the bullshit I confessed

She said: don’t look my way
What can I possibly say
I’ve never seen you before today
I’m just the one that makes you think of the one
That makes you feel you’re the one

But thank you for the roses

Rose said quote it’s time to make a mess
Remind me what it is that I do best
She’s painting on my back some beautiful something sweet
And she treats me, she treats me, she beats me

Rose said quote my time has come at last
Ugly things through my mind they have passed
She’s scratching on my back ‘if this boy believes me’
She leaves me, deceives me and takes those flowers just to
please me…

Rose don’t mind where she been
She been blind
She been mine
all this time
she been…

Thank you for the roses