According to Jezus Factory the reissue of The Ideal Crash will be released on April 26th.

The tracklist for the 2CD / 2LP is

Disc 1

1. Put the Freaks Up Front
2. Sister Dew
3. One Advice, Space
4. The Magic Hour
5. The Ideal Crash
6. Instant Street
7. Magdalena
8. Everybody’s Weird
9. Let’s See Who Goes Down First
10. Dream Sequence #1

Disc 2

1. You Can’t Deny What You Liked As a Child
2. Sam Peckinpah’s Daughter (Demo) Unreleased
3. Shoulda Snuck Out (Demo) Unreleased
4. There
5. Sister Dew (Demo) Unreleased
6. Instant Street (Demo) Unreleased
7. Exotica (Demo: Let’s See Who Goes Down First) Unreleased
8. Dreamsong (Demo of Dream Sequence # 1) Unreleased
9. Magdalena (Live At Bataclan, Paris) Unreleased
10. Everybody’s Weird (Cinerex Remix) Unreleased
11. Everybody’s Weird (Soulwax Remix)

Tom revealed a little bit about the anniversary-reissue of The Ideal Crash this morning on Studio Brussel. The album is remastered at the Abbey Road Studios and will be available in a 2CD / 2LP-package containing the original album and a bonus-album with unreleased stuff from that era including demo-versions and live-recordings.

According to Tom the album will be released in a couple of weeks.


25 years ago dEUS released their first EP, Zea, on Jack & Johnny Records. Both the Jack & Johnny and the Bang!-version on cd are very rare items. To mark the 25th anniversary of the release a limited 10″-version of Zea will be released on July 27th.

There will be 1.000 individually numbered copies on gold vinyl and 500 copies on black vinyl.

You can already pre-order it on different webshops: Bilborecords,, Music Mania, Jezus Factory,…