magnusMagnus had released a new single: Look At Us Now. It will be the last single, since Tom and CJ Bolland have decided to stop with Magnus. They will release an EP and a best of within a couple of weeks and play a series of farewell-gigs next year.

In  Focus Knack Tom says that it was a difficult choice, but that he had way too much other things to do: making a new movie, recording a new Taxiwars-album and writing for the next dEUS-album.

There’s an interview with Tom and Flip Kowlier in Humo this week about the Silent City-concerts next week. Apparently, it will not be a Tom Barman-gig. Tom has invited  Aiming For Enrike and Leftfield and will be one of the eight guitarists in KillO-Meter, a composition by Peter Vermeersch.

Most interesting dEUS-related part was about the auditions for a new guitar player. Tom didn’t know a lot about it, since it was Stephane who took care of it. The only thing Tom knew was that two female musicians were invited.

Tom is also working on a documentary about his mother and her sister and it still writing on his second movie. dEUS will probably be back on track next year.

tom_barman_-_foto_website_0Tom Barman will play a solo-gig at a memorial event for World War I in Zonnebeke (Ieper), Belgium on saturday october 14th.  This is what the event-website says:

‘The charismatic front man of dEUS, the ever-inventive brain behind the jazz band Taxi Wars or the merciless tormentor of your limbs with his dance act Magnus: Tom Barman is a true creative genius whose talent knows no bounds. For GoneWest, Barman has found new inspiration in the pointless violence of the Battle of Passendale. In his own unique Barmanesque way, he provides us with an evening full of experimentation, with unexpected guests of international standing. ‘

Tickets are available here.

  1. Slow
  2. Via
  3. The Architect
  4. Constant Now
  5. Stop-Start Nature
  6. Instant Street
  7. Fell Off The Floor, Man
  8. Girls Keep Drinking
  9. Pocket Revolution
  10. Sirens
  11. Ghost
  12. If You Don’t Get What You Want
  13. Quatre Mains
  14. Smokers Reflect
  15. Serpentine
  16. Little Arithmetics
  17. Sun Ra
  18. Theme From Turnpike
  19. Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me)
  20. Roses
  21. Nothing Really Ends
  22. Bad Timing
  23. Suds & Soda

1212008_tom-barmanIn a small interview with Gazet Van Antwerpen Tom has revealed the working title for his second movie. The Hab will tell the story of a Miami nightclub janitor turned drug smuggler who ends up in somebody else’s place in ‘The Hab’, a retro-futuristic re-hab center for alcoholics on the Basque coast. At the moment, Tom is still working on the scripts. Production should start somewhere in 2018.

Last year, Tom talked about his movieplans with Screendaily. Read the article here.


mauroIn an interview with Focus Knack Mauro Pawlowski announces he has decided to quit dEUS. According to Mauro that decision was not made at once. ‘The guys had to convince me to stay on board a couple of times in the past. But the last couple of your years i was wondering more and more if dEUS was still something for me.’ Mauro says he doesn’t want to focus only on the popcircuit in the future.

Tom also reacts in Focus Knack and says the departure of Mauro is probably a good opportunity to do something unexpected. Auditions for a new guitar player will not be held until the beginning of 2017 and it might be possible they don’t replace Mauro at all. Meanwhile Tom, Klaas, Alan and Stephane are working on new material. Tom would like to have some dEUS-stuff on the soundtrack of his second movie too.

dEUS will play at least one goodbye-gig with Mauro, on February 10th in the Lotto Arena, Antwerp.

Mauro joined dEUS 12 ago in 2004, a couple of weeks after the departure of Craig Ward. He played more than 400 gigs with the band and worked on 4 albums: Pocket Revolution (2005), Vantage Point (2008), Keep You Close (2011) and Following Sea (2012).

Read the complete interview in Dutch here and Tom’s reaction here.