The Architect by a shredder

A shredder, someone who makes a parody of music videos and gives them a new sound track, has made a version of the ghettoblaster version of The Architect. He also shredded other Belgian bands like Daan and Selah Sue.

Greg Dulli about his work on Keep You Close

In this interview with Greg Dulli there’s a small thing about his work on the new dEUS-album. Dulli says he had to play in Antwerp and had a drink with his friend Aldo Struyf from Creature With The Atom Brain, when Tom asked him to come to the Vantage Point-studio.  Tom asked him to sing on two songs. Dulli hasn’t heard the final versions yet, but says the two songs were great.

Tom at Nekka Nacht

Tom Barman will be on stage during the yearly Nekka Nacht-festival in Antwerp on April 30th. The festival celebrates music in Dutch and is this year focusing on Dutch rockband The Scene.

Since Tom recorded a new version of the song Rigoreus with the band a couple of years ago, it’s not really a surprise that he will be joining the event.