Some practical information about the 2 Belgian gigs this weekend.

The gig at the Lotto Arena (Antwerp) is sold out. Some people are offering tickets on the Facebook-page of the event and on the official dEUS-Facebook. Tickets for Vorst Nationaal are still available here. There are also some people offering tickets on the event-page.

You’ll find links to the Facebook- and Last.FM events of both gigs on the gig-page: Lotto Arena and Vorst Nationaal.

Below is the time schedule as communicated by Lotto Arena. It will probably be the same in Vorst.

  • 18.30 hour: doors open
  • 20.00 hour: Balthazar
  • 21.00 hour: dEUS

Both Lotto Arena / Sportpaleis (Antwerp) and Vorst are famous for their traffic jams. There’s a sold out event in the Sportpaleis friday evening as well, so about 22.000 people with be in this are.  It’s advisory that you make use of Park and Ride-facilities and public transport to get to the venues. Free transport from parkings around the city is included in your ticket.

If you’re taking pictures, posting tweets of making videos, be sure to give them the correct hashtag. They will appear on the Official dEUS Tour Scrapbook and on this site.

  • Lotto Arena:  #deus161211
  • Vorst Nationaal: #deus171211

Drop your opinions, share your thoughts on the gigs with other fans on the dEUS-fanforum Nothing Really Ends

A small review of the warm up show in Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels yesterday evening. Les Ateliers Claus is really small club near the North Station. With a capacity of 250 people, it must have been one of the most intimate dEUS-gigs I’ve seen so far. As it happened to be my 50th dEUS-gig, it was a perfect night.

With 100 tickets sold and some people on the guestlist, the place was full but not packed. Since the backstage was pretty small Klaas, Mauro and Tom were already in the crowd before the gig.

They started around nine o’ clock and played more or less the regular setlist they are playing since a couple of weeks. Almost all songs from Keep You Close and a couple of older songs like Instant Street, Little Arithmetics, Slow and The Architect.  Since it was only my second gig of the Keep You Close-tour, after the try out in Diksmuide, I was really impressed by the first part of the gig. Almost one hour of perfectly balanced rocking, leaving the audience almost K.O.

Very nice to see how Oh Your God has grown since the last time I saw them play it live, during the Vantage Point tour.   Instant Street was (as usual) the highlight, but I was followed by a fantastic heavenly combination of If You Don’t Get What You Want, Dark Sets In, Twice (We Survive) and Ghost.

The band didn’t get off the stage after the last song before the encore. Tom said  they wouldl probably break their ankles on the small stair. He just said the regular gig was over and he said that we did have to give an applause. They played 3 more songs afterwards.  They replaced Fell Off The Floor, Man (which was on the setlist), by Morticiachair.

Let’s hope they can bring the energy of this gig to the bigger halls as Lotto Arena and Vorst Nationaal. And let’s hope they also play Magdalena and Hotellounge…

The setlist, some videos and some pics of the gig can be found here.