France and Germany will get a different single

In an interview with French webzine Tom confirms that Keep You Close will be the single in France, while Constant Now will be the single in the rest of the world, except for Germany. It’s not clear if Germany will also get Keep You Close.

Tom was surprised that the French affiliation of PIAS picked Keep You Close, a 6-minute song he didn’t intend to be a single. Tom went back in the studio to record a radio-edit of the song.

Sun Ra (Live at Vigo Transforma)

Watch more videos from the gig at Vigo Transforma here.

A small message from Tom

A small videomessage from Tom was posted through the Twitter-account of Studio Brussel

French autumn tour announced has announced a bunch of tourdates in France during October. You’ll be able to catch dEUS in Le Havre, Strasbourg, Dijon, Lyon, Clermont Ferrand, Paris, Caen, Bordeaux, Vendome, Reims and Lille. Ticketsale starts wednesday morning.

14/10/11Ouest Park Festival, Le Havre (France) – tickets
19/10/11Laiterie, Strasbourg (France) – tickets
20/10/11La Vapeur, Dijon (France) – tickets
21/10/11Festival Just Rock, Transbordeur, Lyon (France) – tickets
22/10/11Cooperative de Mai, Clermont-Ferrand (France) – tickets
24/10/11Trianon, Paris (France) – tickets
25/10/11Big Band Café, Caen (France) – tickets
27/10/11Krakatoa, Bordeaux (France) – tickets
28/10/11Festival Rockomotives, Le Minotaure, Vendôme (France) – tickets
29/10/11Cartonnerie, Reims (France) – tickets
30/10/11Aéronef, Lille (France) – tickets

Instant Street (Live at The Relentless Garage)

You can watch more videos of the London-gig here.

Balthazar in Austria

According to the Balthazar-website Balthazar will also join dEUS at the Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch and the Rockhause in Salzburg at the beginning of July.