Klaas on stage with Pulp

Last week, at the Pohoda-festival in Slovakia, Klaas joined Pulp on stage during Common People.

Keep You Close in the UK on October 3rd

A couple of UK webzines are reporting on the release of Keep You Close. However, they’re mentioning October 3rd as the release date. Most probably, the album will be released in the UK a couple of weeks later then in mainland Europe.

Shout4Music has some interesting lines about the background of the album as well. Sit back and enjoy!

As the title suggests, ‘Keep You Close’ sees lead singer and lyricist Tom Barman react to ‘Vantage Point’ with a determination to return the band to a more personal lyrical style and a warmer musical approach. Whilst still immensely proud of ‘Vantage Point’, Tom felt that its follow up should move away from that album’s ‘very loud, in your face’ sound. Consequently, much of the focus of ‘Keep You Close’ has been to develop a sound that embraces a more organic and spacious dynamic. To aid this process, and in stark contrast to the studio bound writing approach of ‘Vantage Point’, the songs that make up ‘Keep You Close’ were road tested live at festivals throughout the writing and recording period and developed through live rehearsals within the studio to, in Tom’s words, ensure that they were ‘more mature when it came to recording them’.

France and Germany will get a different single

In an interview with French webzine Musiqueinfo.com Tom confirms that Keep You Close will be the single in France, while Constant Now will be the single in the rest of the world, except for Germany. It’s not clear if Germany will also get Keep You Close.

Tom was surprised that the French affiliation of PIAS picked Keep You Close, a 6-minute song he didn’t intend to be a single. Tom went back in the studio to record a radio-edit of the song.

Sun Ra (Live at Vigo Transforma)

Watch more videos from the gig at Vigo Transforma here.