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  • An American band called The Walkabouts covered Wake Me Up Before I Sleep on their 2000 album, "Train Leaves at 8:00". Two major differences : they have a female singer, and the song lasts more than 6 minutes !
Tom Barman
Tom Barman
  • Stef Kamil Carlens : bass
  • Tom Barman : vocal, guitar
  • Julle De Borgher : drums
  • Craig Ward : slide guitar

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Wake me up before I sleep and I’ll promise that I’ll concentrate
On only the last frame
Cover only one sound
Some kinda sweet, weird kinda strange around me
Wake me up before I sleep can’t you see too many colours here,
colours there
colours everywhere
cover only one ground
the blackest of blacks I don’t want to surround me

There’s nothing I can say, that isn’t gonna be
there’s nothing I can do, that isn’t gonna be a mistake

Wake me up before I sleep, I haven’t had an inch of what
I thought I got
from this awful high
cover me in one dye
just lie here with me we’ll let the train go by

There’s nothing I can say, that isn’t gonna be
There’s nothing in my way, I know it’s gonna be a mistake

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