A small interview with Sarah De Bisschop, the director of the Belpop-episode on dEUS from Radio 1. It contains some samples of Jules De Borgher talking about his departure and Tom about the departure of Craig in 2004. There is also a director’s cut of the episode, which will be broadcasted on Canvas later on.

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On the Cobra.be-website there’s also a small snippet with Brian Molko and Guy Garvey talking about Worst Case Scenario.

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Earlier this week, Tom was interviewed during Tomas staat op on Studio Brussel.  Watch the interview below.

Tom also talked about a couple of songs.

Twice (We Survive): “For the first time I really go straight into a song, it would be pointless to explain what it is about”


The Final Blast: “I wanted to write a song about Brigitte Bardot, but one has become my mother”


Dark Sets In:  “This song almost didn’t make it to the album , but thanks to our producer, we found a brilliant solution”


Ghost: “The idea of ​​this chorus is Tim Vanhamel which we are very grateful”


The End of Romance: “The first song ever where I do a ‘parlando’. Unique, because I do not like my speaking voice”


Easy:  “This is the last track of the album with an orchestral end of Mauro”


Last wednesday, Tom was interview during Joos, a show on Flemish Radio 1.

  • Tom tells the story about the artwork (again). He found the picture in a newspaper, cut it out and put in a cd-case on the piano in the studio. He hopes that people also wonder what these people are photographing when they buy the album. The picture is made by Matthew Oates, aka The butterfly man.
  • He writes his lyrics quite fast, but sometimes does not really know what exactly he’s writing about.
  • Keep You Close is the first album they really made together. Tom thinks it’s more fair towards the rest of the bands. He really likes that a lot of the songs are powered by Alan and Stéphane
  • About the recording with Greg Dulli: “a fantastic moment to see a man who means that much to me nail exactly what we wanted” (the Dulli-howl on Twice)
  • Playing the songs live before the release is the ultimate Pepsi-test. The 9 songs that are on the album are really working well during the rehearsals for the live-show
  • They are no longer making problems when the record company makes ‘weird’ single-choices (Keep You Close in France)
  • He is seriously considering quiting giving interviews.
  • He is looking forward to the new tour and the new live-show

You can listen to the interview (about 20 minutes) here.

In an interview with Pure FM (in French) Tom talks a bit about the upcoming gigs. They will not really change their setlist, before the start of the Keep You Close-tour in October. So we can expect three of four new songs on the setlist until then.

They will rethink their live-shows for the new tour, since they’re touring with more or less the same setlists for a couple of years now. Tom said that  Pukkelpop will be the end of an era and they’re thinking about giving fans the chance to create the setlist for that gig. More info on this should become available the following weeks.

dEUS: l’interview de Tom Barman pour Pure FM by PureFMlaradio

As some of you have noticed, dEUS launched a brand new website today. So far, it only contains a news-section and the tourdates for the upcoming tour, but more content will be added soon. The site is available on www.deus.be

The url www.keepyouclose.com is forwarded to a page on the new website where you can see one of the teasers for the album.

The most interesting thing so far, is a new episode of the dEUS Podcast, looking back to the short tour the band did at the end of May.

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Flemish Radio 1 had an interesting phonecall with Tom on January 1st (his birthday). Tom was on a small trip to Marrakech.  Tom told that the album was not finished yet and that he still had to work on some lyrics.

He also said that the album will probably be titled Keep You Close and will be released at the end of april. Keep You Close is also one of the tracks of the album. Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs, The Gutter Twins, The Twilight Singers) will sing on one of the tracks. Karin Dreijer Anderson (The Knife) will not be on the album because none of the tracks fitted her voice, but she will certainly be on the next Magnus-album.

You can listen to the interview here