About the dancers

As you might have noticed the past weeks, dEUS is joined on stage by dancers during a couple of songs (just like during the 1999 The Ideal Crash-tour).  Here’s more info from the Facebookpage of WArd/waRD – Ann Van den Broek.

2019 is the year that an old partnership born in Antwerp is set on fire again. Choreographer Ann Van den Broek and Belgium’s famous rockband dEUS will set up a new collaboration in light of the 20th anniversary tour of dEUS’ classic album “The Ideal Crash”. Ann Van den Broek and WArd/waRD will create a special choreography for several songs of this album, performed in cities all over Europe. The choreographies will be performed by local dancers during the dEUS shows, under the guidance of WArd/waRD member Nik Rajšek.



dEUS gets a stone in Brussels
The Ideal Crash tour so far

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