dEUS at EDP Festival (Vilar de Mouros) on 25/08/18

This page contains info about the dEUS-gig at EDP Festival (Vilar de Mouros, Portugal) on Saturday August 25th 2018. Please tag your Instagram-pictures with #dEUS250818. If you have additional info about this gig, please drop me a line.

Saturday August 25th 2018



  1. If You Don’t Get What You Want
  2. The Architect
  3. Constant Now
  4. Girls Keep Drinking
  5. Fell Off the Floor, Man
  6. Instant Street
  7. Quatre Mains
  8. Nothing Really Ends
  9. Sister Dew
  10. Sun Ra
  11. Hotellounge (Be the Death of Me)
  12. Bad Timing
  13. Suds & Soda

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EDP Festival
Estrada da Ponte
Vilar de Mouros

Date Venue City Country
25/08/18 EDP Festival Vilar de Mouros Portugal #dEUS250818

dEUS at Crammerock (Stekene) on 31/08/18
dEUS at Brussels Summer Festival (Brussels) on 17/08/18

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