dEUS at Suikerrock (Tienen) on 30/07/16

  Saturday July 30th 2016  
  Tienen (Belgium)  


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Venue info


Tienen (Belgium)


    1. Slow
    2. Via
    3. The Architect
    4. Constant Now
    5. Stop-Start Nature
    6. Instant Street
    7. Fell Off the Floor, Man
    8. Girls Keep Drinking
    9. Sirens
    10. Little Arithmetics
    11. If You Don't Get What You Want
    12. Quatre Mains
    13. Nothing Really Ends
    14. Hotellounge
    15. Sun Ra
    16. Theme From Turnpike
    17. Roses
    18. Bad Timing
    19. Suds & Soda
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