Listen to Singing Man, the new Magnus-single

MAGNUS Single artworkThe new Magnus-single has officialy been released today. Singing Man is a collaboration with Thomas Smith (Editors). The full album ‘Where Neon Goes To Die’ will released on September 1st. You can already pre-order it on iTunes.

As mentioned before: Magnus will tour with a live-band this summer. You can find the tourdates over here.

The tracklist of the album.

  1. Puppy (feat. Tim Vanhamel)
  2. Last Blend (feat. Blava)
  3. Trouble On A Par (feat. Mina Tindle)
  4. Future Postponed
  5. Catlike
  6. Regulate (feat. Billie Kawende)
  7. Everybody loves Repetition (feat. Selah Sue)
  8. Getting Ready (feat. David Eugene Edwards)
  9. Singing Man (feat. Tom Smith)
  10. Death of Neon

Magnus has also a brand new website, Twitter-account and Facebook-page.

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