Happy Birthday to The Ideal Crash

dEUS - The Ideal Crash (1999)

dEUS – The Ideal Crash (1999)

15 years ago, on March 15 1999, dEUS released their third full-album, The Ideal Crash and their first website.  It was the first album that didn’t had Rudy Trouvé-artwork and the only dEUS-album that didn’t get a US-release.

Three singles were released at that time: Sister Dew, Instant Street and The Ideal Crash, but the album also contained some fan-favourites like The Magic Hour, Magdalena and Put the Freaks Up Front and b-sides like Sam Peckinpah’s Daughter and You Can’t Deny What You Liked As A Child.

The band toured extensively throughout Europe, bringing them to Belgium, France, the UK, The Netherlands, Greece, Israel, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Sweden, Poland and Czech Republic.

About 250.000 copies of the album were sold worldwide. Watch a (Dutch) documentary about the recordings in Ronda below.

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