dEUS at Les Ateliers Claus (Brussel) on 14/12/11

DateWednesday December 14th 2011
VenueLes Ateliers Claus
Passage Charles Rogier
Brussel (Belgium)
InfoA couple of days before the gigs in Antwerp and Brussels, dEUS played a warm up show in Les Ateliers Claus, a small club in Brussel. Only 100 people were allowed. About 80.000 people tried to get a ticket.
Tickets:Sold Out


  1. The Final Blast
  2. Second Nature
  3. The Architect
  4. Constant Now
  5. Oh Your God
  6. Slow
  7. Instant Street
  8. If You Don’t Get What You Want
  9. Dark Sets In
  10. Twice (We Survive)
  11. Ghost
  12. Keep You Close
  13. Sister Dew
  14. Little Arithmetics
  15. Bad Timing
  16. The End Of Romance
  17. Sun Ra
  18. Morticiachair


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All dEUS-gigs at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussel (Belgium).

Date Venue City Country Tickets
14/12/11 Les Ateliers Claus Brussel Belgium Sold Out

Venue info

Les Ateliers Claus
Passage Charles Rogier
Brussel (Belgium)

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