dEUS at Rote Fabrik (Zürich) on 03/12/11

This page contains info about the dEUS-gig at Rote Fabrik (Zürich, Switzerland) on Saturday December 3rd 2011. Please tag your Instagram-pictures with #dEUS031211. If you have additional info about this gig, please drop me a line.

Saturday December 3rd 2011



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Rote Fabrik
Seestrasse 395

Date Venue City Country
03/12/11 Rote Fabrik Zürich Switzerland #dEUS031211
09/05/08 Rote Fabrik Zürich Switzerland #dEUS090508
13/11/05 Rote Fabrik Zürich Switzerland #dEUS131105

dEUS at Arena (Vienna) on 04/12/11
dEUS at Backstage Werk (Munich) on 02/12/11

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