Setlist La Vapeur (Dijon)

  1. Second Nature
  2. The Final Blast
  3. Slow
  4. Constant Now
  5. Instant Street
  6. If You Don’t Get What You Want
  7. Dark Sets In
  8. The Real Sugar
  9. Little Arithmeticsµ
  10. Ghost
  11. Keep You Close
  12. The End Of Romance
  13. Bad Timing
  14. Sister Dew
  15. What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love)
  16. The Architect
  17. Twice (We Survive)
  18. Roses
Little Arithmetics (Live at Vega)
The Architect (Live at Vega)

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  1. supersharp says:

    What a rotten setlist. I wonder when will dEUS realize that 18 songs is too short for their repertoire.

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