A nice afternoon in Antwerp

This afternoon dEUS played an instore-gig at the Tune Up recordstore in Antwerp.  The place was packed with contest winners, journalists  and friends & family of the dEUS-members.  Even Klaas’ children were there. They played for about 40 minutes (here’s the setlist). They kicked of with 5 songs of Keep You Close.  I don’t know if they planned to play more, but Tom ruined one of his guitar pedals during Dark Sets In, so they seemed to change plans.

Before Ghost Tom asked if Tim Vanhamel was in the building. Tom asked him to join them on stage to sing along, but Tim answered he didn’t know the words and didn’t remember the melody…. Also nice to hear Magdalena again, a song which they have apparently rehearsed, so we can probably expect it during the shows the following months.

Below is a video of Ghost, performed live at Tune Up. You can watch more videos here.

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