dEUS at Debaser Slussen (Stockholm) on 22/05/08

This page contains info about the dEUS-gig at Debaser Slussen (Stockholm, Sweden) on Thursday May 22nd 2008. Please tag your Instagram-pictures with #dEUS220508. If you have additional info about this gig, please drop me a line.

Thursday May 22nd 2008



  1. When She Comes Down
  2. Sun Ra
  3. Instant Street
  4. Fell Off the Floor, Man
  5. Slow [with Karin Dreijer]
  6. Smokers Reflect
  7. Theme From Turnpike
  8. The Architect
  9. Favourite Game
  10. Is a Robot
  11. Nothing Really Ends
  12. Bad Timing
  13. Pocket Revolution
  14. Roses
  15. Oh Your God
  16. Suds & Soda

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Debaser Slussen
Karl Johans Torg 1

Date Venue City Country
22/05/08 Debaser Slussen Stockholm Sweden #dEUS220508

DJ Tom Barman at Eglise Gesu (Brussels) on 13/06/08
dEUS at Private Gig Radio Mint (Avenue des Croix de Guerre 94) on 18/05/08

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