dEUS at Pinkpop (Landgraaf) on 05/06/95

This page contains info about the dEUS-gig at Pinkpop (Landgraaf, Netherlands) on Monday June 5th 1995. Please tag your Instagram-pictures with #dEUS050695. If you have additional info about this gig, please drop me a line.

Monday June 5th 1995



  1. Roses
  2. Via
  3. We’re Going Out Tonight
  4. Shake Your Hip
  5. Suds & Soda
  6. Supermarket Song
  7. Mr. Death Won’t Get Me (‘Cos Life Sure Suits Me Fine)
  8. W.C.S (First Draft)
  9. I Suffer Rock
  10. ???
  11. Let’s Get Lost
  12. Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me)

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Hofstraat 13

Date Venue City Country
04/06/06 Pinkpop Landgraaf Netherlands #dEUS040606
19/05/97 Pinkpop Landgraaf Netherlands #dEUS190597
05/06/95 Pinkpop Landgraaf Netherlands #dEUS050695

dEUS at Nighttown (Rotterdam) on 25/06/95
dEUS at Zemach Festival (Lake of Gallilee) on 03/06/95

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